Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Heck of a Week!
Monday: I had a business meeting with a sales rep. at 8:30 am who had flown in to meet with me. So I was getting ready to leave when I walked in the kitchen to discover the flood. No, not quite as extreme as Noah's but nevertheless it was a flood. In the midst of that the cat (who had played in the sewage water) also decided to go play in a plant. So I not only had to hang out with the maintenance men for several hours but I also had to clean the tub (that's where they had disposed of the cruddy water), shower again, clean the kitchen (which I had just done the night before) and bathe the kitten. . . and still try to meet with the salesman in the afternoon. . .UGH!
Tuesday: sugar ants. . .anyone know how to get rid of them?
Wednesday: major problems with a customer so I had to drive for about hmmm 4 hours just to fix it, ugh.
Thursday: 3 hour trip to Wilmington for work. . .great lunch presentation but not so great dinner considering I got stood up by a friend. Ok now here's the thing: if it had been a guy I could have just rationalized it as: "all men are scum" but this was a girl friend, someone I've known for like 12 years. . .why would she do that????
Friday: 3 hour trip back from Wilmington to home-made longer because I left my camera in the hotel room and had to turn around to go get it, found Halloween costume (YAY!), and because of my profound ghoulish excitement I left everything else other than the costume sitting in their perspective bags at the cash register. I swear to you I would lose my head if it weren't attached. Come to think of it. . .that would make a fabulous costume as well!!! I'm: blogging, checking emails, sending emails, catching up on facebook friends from long ago, texting wonderboy, picking up the lost bags from wal-mart, changing my hair colour, adding new links to the blog, cleaning my house, rearranging, packing up summer clothes, watching "Dan in Real Life", browsing itunes, reading a bit of Cold Mountain (again), and altogether trying to relax, breathe and pray that the upcoming week is less hectic.

The good thing is: well, what comes after the flood??? HOPE
(and no that does not mean I'm voting for Obama, sorry)
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