Friday, October 10, 2008

Horchow Sale
This company sends out more e-mails (all pretty enticing ones at that) than any other home decor store that I know of. The sad part about this is that they just posted 802 new SALE items and I, of all people, am feeling slightly overwhelmed by it all.
"Candelabra" Pendant: $259.90
Asian Silver Leafed Cabinet: $1499
Margeaux Bed Linens: $75.90-$499.90
White Fretwork Mirror: $219.90
"Manchester" Croc Embossed Sofa: $4599.00
Hand Painted Silk Pillows: $139-155.90
Fleur-de-lis Ceiling Medallion: $155.90
"Provence" Faux ceramic Urns: $169-179.00
Trellis Lantern: $635.90
"Tomato & Vine" Flatware: $187.90-$239.90
Black and White Garden Seat: $158.90
Wooden Organizer Boxes: $41.90-$59.90
Brazilian Summer Rug: $711.90-$2353.90
Mirrored Armoire: $1739.90

1 comment:

Ana said...

These choices are all perfection. Nice taste.