Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Little House in Harrogate
(I love it, but. . .Part 2a)
Ok, so I really enjoy doing these types of posts - for the next few in the series, I've found the loveliest of homes to make over:
This one happens to be in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. For those of you that don't know, its the most precious little town on earth and home to the original Betty's Tea Room among other precious sites.
So the first post is about the exterior of our precious little (somewhat imaginary) cottage.
First, we have to paint the brick white - including the retaining wall.
The black wrought-iron fence is fun, so we'll keep that.
Next comes the ever-important aspect of the front door. Now here's where my indecision overwhelms me for a bit. So many choice, yet only one door.
Should we go with red?
Purple could be lovely.
Blue maybe?
But I think we'll go with turquoise, since it is Karey's favourite colour and she is the reason behind these posts. Something like this:
(note: all door pictures found on Flickr)
Now the basic architecture of the house is quite cute, but we could add a few embellishments beginning with copper. So let's do a window box across the front like this:
And a bubble awning above like this:
I do adore the modern planters, not sure if you can see them as it is quite difficult in the picture, but nevertheless - this is part of why I love English design: the compromise between modern and traditional.
Our windows need panes, don't you think? Let's add those and paint them black.
Now around the back of the house, on one of the smaller windows, I think we need this from Victorian Trading Company:
While we're shopping there, we can also accessorize our lovely little back sitting area with a hammock,:
and a couple of rocking chairs:
We also need a wreath - something whimsical such as:
Finally, let's change all of the hardware to something precious and pink, like this little number from Anthropologie:
Now for a sneak peak into the next few posts, we're going to re-decorate the interiors that (for now) look like this:
That's all for now!
I hope ya'll have an entirely gorgeous Sunday, and check back next week for the continuance of this series as well as my usual posts.

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