Saturday, August 02, 2008

My Happy Place
One of my friends told me yesterday that I was worrying about a particular situation entirely too much and that I needed to go to my happy place and forget about it. Too bad my happy place is an Ocean away (England I mean of course).
So the closest I can get is going to go see Brideshead Revisited. I honestly don't even care if the movie is crap. . .I just want to re-live Castle Howard.
Note: If you get a chance, read the book before seeing the movie - you won't be disappointed. And then after that, read Vile Bodies and watch the movie based on it - "Bright Young Things" (with Emily Moritmer and James McAvoy) and then read A Handful of Dust which is my absolute favourite book by Evelyn Waugh! Just don't ever read The Loved One, seriously, its awful.
Have an excellent weekend!


Leslie said...

i'm looking forward to this movie, too. have you heard that it's not good? i just saw a preview yesterday, and thanks for the book recs!

Kiss Prudence said...

What a bizarre coincidence! Castle Howard is about an hour from where I live! Such a magical place...

Love Kiss Prudence xx