Sunday, August 24, 2008

I love it, but. . .
Don't we all do this - find something we adore and then start picking it apart? Well, maybe its just me, but I do it with absolutely everything from men, to rooms, to clothes, to movies, to friends, to work stuff, to books, to. . .well you get the point.
So here's a breakdown of how my mind works:
Take this room for example -
I love it! (found in House Beautiful's "Ready, Set, Decorate" - shown below)
Don't you just adore the cover?
Back to the room now - Ok, what do I love? The forsythia, first and foremost - this is actually a really pretty flower, in fact I think its prettier when its in a vase than it is in the wild. That's perfect choice #1.
image source
Now for that flooring guys - I'm pretty sure its a type of marble, but the grey colour is true perfection. I love marble, but on the floors it can seam a little cold, so while the grey floor is perfect choice #2, my first change would be that I would do a slate floor and warm the space up a bit - we should keep the checkerboard pattern if at all possible.
image source
Paint Colour - perfectly lovely choice #3. I heart purple! The contrast between the purple walls and black molding frames and encompasses a room in a way that might make it feel smaller. However, because this area is a hallway/entry it really does work in a non-claustrophobic way, don't ya think?
As for the vases, the ones in the photograph are really pretty - but blue and white is always classic so I was thinking something along these lines:
image source
Lighting - the fixtures are ok, but I would do something with a bit more pattern because I'm crazy like that. How's this:?
image source - from Thomas Paul for Design Public
Actually this one could work even better as it teases/leads you into what appears to be an orangey-reddish front entry at the far end of the picture:
image source - Design Public again
We'll go with choice #2.
I'm also not a huge fan of that bench - maybe one of these from Inmod would work better:
I would love to go with #2 here but I think it will distract from the artwork, so let's say the lovely blue bench instead.
Now we need two side chairs, for those I think we should have something a bit for traditional, either this:
or this:
or this:
ZEBRA it is!!!
But while we're looking at chairs, I got a bit distracted - check these out (not for this imaginary room of course, but maybe somewhere):

I have a feeling if we were decorating this whole house, chinchilla would have a place somewhere! Or maybe this one?:
But most likely, not these:

chair image source
Actually now, that I've looked at all those from Horchow I'm thinking maybe something more modern like this:image source
Nah!!! Let's stick with Zebra!
Sorry for the ADD! Now, we need a sideboard. Perhaps Horchow can still be of some more help?
image source
ugh - bad choices. The second one would be fine I guess, but maybe we should go back to Inmod and find something along these lines:
That's a winner!!!
Wow - so this room has gone totally modern!!! Now let's pick out some artwork:
I'm thinking. . .Kandinsky!
The art on the left side of the photgraph happens to be perfect choice number 4, but above the console I think I'd like to have this:
image source
Ok, so what does this little exercise teach us - well I mean besides, me having a severe case of Interior Design Attention Deficit Disorder, it basically just goes to show you that design is like art, its almost entirely subjective.
And whether or not its beautiful, well that's always in the eye of the beholder isn't it.
I love both the beginning room and the one I've created, that's why the client-designer relationship is so important - whatever the client says really does go, hummmmm. . .scary thought.

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karey m. said...

pleasepleaseplease make this a regular weekly feature! it's GENIUS!

you get that awesome vibe from first glances at a space...and then it's COMPLETELY natural to edit, right?

i love your edits. and DAMMIT! i've missed so much here...xoxo.