Saturday, July 12, 2008

while the kitten destroys my house. . .
Let's take a short trip. . .
All students of history are familiar with the Boston Tea Party. But how many have ever heard of the Edenton Tea Party? In 1774, over fifty of Edenton's leading ladies (including the wife of a British tax agent) signed a pledge to cease use of East India Tea, thus showing that southern merchants were in accord with their Boston cousins in opposing British taxation. The Edenton Tea Party as it came to be known was one of many colonial-era events that helped position Edenton as one of the most important ports on the east coast. Edenton was established in 1728 as the colonial capital of North Carolina, and it soon became the cultural and economic capital as well. Hundreds of ships made the town a regular port of call, offloading food, goods, and slaves and shipping the prolific agricultural products of the region to European ports. The result was a thriving plantation economy that brought life to northeastern North Carolina. Today, visitors can revisit Edenton's colonial past with tours through a beautiful historic district that some say surpass Williamsburg, Virgina because the homes and buildings of Edenton are not reconstructed, but are the restored originals. Over 25 homes and public buildings comprise the North Carolina State Historic Site, and many special events and seasonal tours bring sparkle to the town. The waterfront is a favorite spot for pleasure boaters, and land travelers will find several quiet bed and breakfasts to lure them off the beaten path. The surrounding countryside boasts many plantations that once provided the economic backbone of the area. &
This is the fabulous little place where we spent the July 4th holiday, so sorry I'm just now getting to post the pictures, but between the mysterious boy, work, and the new kitty I've had other things on my plate.

I know I know, enough with the cat already. I do, however, feel the need to pass on that it's name is Allouicious. Once the vet can decide if it's a boy or a girl we will christen/knight it either Dame Prudence Allouicious or Sir Alcuin Allouiscious. Don't worry I'll keep you posted.
Note: she slept with me last night - I'm giddy!!!
Alright, back to Edenton. This lovely little town, so rich with history is really not that full of much else to be honest. But if you're a boater and you're looking for a special place to cruise into OR you're looking for the perfect retirement spot, it doesn't get much better than this in NC.

Right down the road from Edenton are a couple of lovely plantation homes:

Somerset Place
& Hope Plantation

Within the town of Edenton itself, there is a restored Mill Building & Village that couldn't be more precious!

Condos in the main building cost $375-549,000

The Mill Cottages cost $199-299,000

Here are some of the other properties available in the downtown historical area:

The Granville Queen Inn $1,595,000

Storybook Cottage $449,000

real estate images:
Of course there are other precious coastal towns such as New Bern or Oriental but most of those have been "discovered" by the damn yankees now and are a bit over-run with Dunkin Doughnuts and such. However good their coffee may be I'm a native North Carolinian so I have to be loyal to my Krispy Kreme and my quaint towns, free of commercialism and remaining as they were hundreds of years ago.

So if you're ever in the area. . .stop by my house, pick me up, we'll get a case of beer, some really cute walkin shoes, suntan lotion, and a camera and we'll have a super good time I promise!

Thanks for takin in this short tour with me - I gotta go. . .apparently nothing in my house is half as interesting to this cat as my plants - yikes!!!


At Home Redesigns said...

I'll take one of the little cottages, please. I've enjoyed checking out your blog and am going to add you to my blog roll so I'm sure to come back...

Style Court said...

thanks for the educational tour. the architecture is lovely :)

Meander said...

Thanks "At Home"! I will certianly be returning the favor!