Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I loooove these things. So did anyone see the above picture in June's issue of Country Home Magazine? I have long since wanted to do something along these lines in the living room - now I'm totally determined!
So I went online looking for a few. . .
The first three are from Pamela's Parasols. Aren't they just pure perfection?

The next few are from Luna Bazaar. I'm so overwhelmed at this point, I don't even know where to begin choosing a few.

So maybe I should just say to hell with the whole mixed idea and buy this lighting fixture instead (also from Luna):
Nahhhh - maybe another room will get that.
Anyway, don't even get me started on the other fabulous things at my new bff Luna's place:
I know I know can we say "Attention Defecit Disorder!"??? Back to parasols.
I reaaaaalllly like this one:

You think I could hypnotize my male suitors with it???
But hey, I need the paper lanterns too! Here's what Luna's got:

OOOOOOOO!!! I got sidetracked again - look at this:
Next, I found this site for lace parasols. I'm not really sure I want to put this sort of investment in this particular project, but they really are stunning so I thought I'd pass along:

Now the Asian Import Store has some lovely lanterns and parasols for incredibly afordable prices so I think a few of these might be the way to go. . .just keep telling me "less is more" "less is more" "less is more" come on people I need to hear it from all of you: "less is more".
But while I'm placing the order I might buy one of these too, yeah?

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Kathy said...

OH STOP IT ALREADY! Those first several parasols have me swooooooning! I want one. just have no use for it sadly.