Saturday, July 26, 2008

Goals and Objectives
My girl Kelley (one of the spectacularly hilarious bff types) lives in Florida and has this really great job for a division of a really big American pharmaceutical company which will go unnamed. Once a month she has to have a meeting with like 6 group leaders that she works with to go over her "goals and objectives". I find this concept fascinating and I think we should start it here as well, especially since my horoscope for today said this:
You need a few new dreams! Today, you should switch mental gears and start spending more energy thinking about, well, positive thinking. Visualize the brightest future you can possibly imagine - the job you want, the person you want, the life you want! And don't you dare waste time worrying about whether or not you will fall short or fail. Its important to keep your focus on the bright side. News is coming near the end of the day that might come as a pleasant shock.
Ok, so short term Goal and Objectives for today:
1)Finish cleaning this mess of an apartment
2)Finish the painting I'm working on for this favorite bff:

3)Complete the duvet cover out of this fabric:

4)Meet up with a few of my favourite people staying with me tonight and/or going to the concert.

5)Have a blast with the Avett Brothers (photo came from here)
That's about it for today.
As for the rest of my life. . .
1) The job I want would consist of me going to a store (owned, designed and operated by me) where people enjoy being,
where good design prevails,

where good design is affordable,
where we have cupcakes every Tuesday, why? because Tuesdays are special dammit! Didn't anyone tell you? (image found here)

I don't want any other job, just a store.
2) The person I want. . .eeeek I don't know who he is anymore. I used to (I thought) well to be fair I thought I knew who he was a couple of times. He's not my favourite little aid worker, not my favourite farm boy or favourite rapper - who on earth could he be???
I do have priorities that I would really enjoy as far as he goes:
-he should like these guys (image found here):
-it would be really great if he was a ginger, you know something like Eric Stoltz (image found here) : No no no, of course I'm kidding about those being priorities, I mean sort of, kinda. I actually know exactly the type of person I really want but all those intricacies of his spirit will have to remain a mystery until I find him and choose to share. Hopefully it will look something like this:

all above images found on
3)When I think of the kind of life I want I pretty much picture a cute little house like this:
It will be, obviously, in the middle of nowhere.
Decorated kinda like this:
Where I lay around all day (after working at my glorious job/store) reading books about Audrey Hepburn while looking beautiful like this:
I can work in a garden that looks like this:
I'll be a domestic goddess like my favourite bff Kate and make food that looks like this (found on orangette):
We'll have couple of kids that look like this (found here): On vacation, my luscious lover and I will go to places like this (found here):
We'll have amazing friends over for cookouts, and Christmas, and stupid game nights. We'll go to the beach and get outrageousley tan like this:
I'll go on "shopping trips" for the store with this lady:
To fabulous destinations like this (found here):
And we'll all live happily ever after like this (image found here):

When he's gone I'll wanna go too.
That's basically it - that's what I want.
First things first - this guy and my friends will never continue to love me if I live like a slob so I'm gonna go get started on that cleaning now. UGH!

Note: if an image isn't given credit it is either mine or I have saved it a long time ago and I don't know where it came from - if you know, please help me out. Thanks.

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