Saturday, June 21, 2008

Before I get to the heart of this post I feel that I must must must utter a disclaimer: I am in NO WAY WHATSOEVER a materialistic person. I mean I like nice things, (who doesn't?) but I'm that girl that when asked the question "would you rather be lonely and rich or poor but in love?" always answers, without hesitation: "In Love, any day of the week and twice on Sunday!" So please please please don't think bad of me because of these whole lottery blog things. I just don't think there's a thing wrong in the world with imagining you can attain virtually any material thing you want. So here goes:
When I win the lottery and buy that fabulous English House that I want ever so badly, the first thing I'm going to do is redecorate the kitchen, even if it doesn't need it. Frivolity never hurt anyone, right?

This is the overall look for the kitchen that I'd be comfortable with:
Anyway, I would change the floors to cork, something like this:
Although, this is fabulous as well:
images: Globus Cork
And of course the counter tops would be Carrera Marble like this:
The Chandelier would look like this:
image: Decor8
The fabric on those fabulous chairs would have to be something more durable like one of these oilcloths from Cath Kidston:
images: Fabulous
The wall colour where there are no cabinets would be something very light, cheerful and sweet like. . .say Tiffany Blue!!!
See, now here is where my indecision always trips me up: I know it won't fit with this particular design scheme but I would love to have one of these:
images: 50's style fridges from Smeg
Maybe I'll settle for just having a dishwasher in the butler's pantry that looks something like this:
image: more Smeg
Right next to my larder that looks like one of these:

images: more Mark Wilkinson
Anyway, back to the kitchen itself. The stove will of course be one of these (except in black):
image: Aga
And the back splash will be white subway tiles along the lines of these:
I'll cook meals that look like this:
image: summer clampot from Whole Foods
On my birthday we'll have amazing desserts around that table made by my fabulous domestic diva friend Kate. The cake will look something like this (only with pale pink icing and polka dots instead of Noah's Ark Fondant):
image: Eli turns 1 b-day cake from Kate's Flickr page
I'll cook in an apron that looks fabulously flirty like this one from Etsy seller Momomadeit:
And I'll always have fresh flowers around that look something like this:

image: my apologies for this one, I saved it on my computer and have no idea who to give credit to but if, for some reason it is yours and you would like to claim it please please please be my guest. Same goes if you know who it belongs to - so sorry! WAAAAIT! Stop the presses, I just realized that I stole this one from Anna Spiro at Absolutely Beautiful Things
So when I win the lottery I'll totally do all this and invite you all to come visit. The only catch is you have to RSVP now for the open ended date if you want me to pay for your plane ticket to the middle of nowhere England where the outstanding house will be located. Quick Quick Quick!!!

If for some reason you are completely and totally demented and don't like this kitchen idea-here's some other eye-candy for you to enjoy, just don't be mad at me that I can't tell you the sources of where they came from:

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karey m. said...

aga...smeg...who knew such nonsense words could make me swoon with delight?!

love these soooooooo much! i've got to kirtsy them, ok?