Sunday, June 08, 2008

I promise to do better!!!

Travelling for the job is one thing, but travelling for the job on a daily basis and then somehow thinking that I have to travel for myself on the weekends is just really crazy. I've been horrible about writing and the worst thing about that is that I've had loads that I could have written about - oh well - you'll get the long and short of it I suppose: where I've been the past 3 weeks.

1st) Wilmington, NC
image: a pretty little house I found on the sound side of Wilmington
I really hadn't spent much time in this town until I get the new job, but I really do enjoy it. It might have the perfect combination of city life and small southern town atmosphere of any other place I've been in the state. At the same time it has one of the worst traffic problems EVER! And each time I go I wish that I could just get a little room in a quaint bed and breakfast and drive straight to the beach every morning and nowhere else. Sadly, I don't think my boss would be too happy with me if I did. Oh well, I'll just try and take in the spirit of this place in little spurts on my quick trips to the area.
image: this isn't a great shot, but this is one of my favourite houses EVER!!! Its in the historic district of Wilmington of course
2nd) Washington, DC
image: my gorgeous momma taking in a Monet
My brother and sister-in-law have been begging for me to come see them in DC for almost a year now but I'm a horrible sister and although I've made plans to get up there before, they always seem to fall through. I have no earthly clue why I decided that Memorial Day Weekend was the best time to rectify this situation. It turned out nice though, we went to Leesburg, Va on Saturday which was just precious and the National Gallery in DC on Sunday which couldn't have been more fabulous. DC really is one amazing place and one of the easiest National capitals to navigate in the world.
image: fish, chips, beer, what else does a girl need???
image: quaint B&B in Leesburg
image: my nephew just HAD to have his pic. taken with George!!!
image: Amy, Ally, and Abby outside of the National Gallery with my nephew in the background being a typical teenager
3rd) Danbury, VA

My best friend Blair has a way of convincing me to do things that I wouldn't ordinarily do and somehow she convinced me that kayaking was an excellent idea (I don't know how). I've never done anything like this in my whole life. Its not that I don't enjoy nature, on the contrary, I LOVE it, but growing up with a working mom and no father around while my brothers were all grown and out of the house, who was supposed to teach me to camp or fish or all of those sorts of things? My mom certainly didn't (actually that's a lie-I can "crab" with the best of them!!!) So for my first major nature adventure Blair stuck me in a kayak, gave me no instruction whatsoever and let me and the Dan River bond on our own. I feel that only flipping the boat twice was quite a step in the right direction and after that (and Blair explaining that throwing my paddle up in the air and screaming while headed straight for a tree or rapids or both was not going to help anything) I did pretty well I think. It was one of the best days of my life so far and that's saying alot.
image: boats outside of the Dan River Company
"So what's on the horizon for this week?" you ask: Winston-Salem, Asheville, & Beaufort County WHHHHEW! People always say how beautiful North Carolina is because we've got the beach and the mountains - looks like this week I'm gonna see it all. I do really need a break and there isn't one in sight, oh well!!! But even if I lag behind on my posts the next week or so, I will still try and read a few dailies so please pipe up and write alot so I have something to look forward to when I catch my breath.

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ooh! we'll be there this summer for a few weeks...outer banks. hot, hot, hot in august, yes?

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