Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I am, begrudgingly, not a fan of Brocade Home - I admire their pretension, don't get me wrong, as well as their ability to keep everything very maintained and in coordination with the style that they have deemed to be theirs. I tried initially when they first came on the scene, I tried I really truly did, but after I started getting their catalogs though I just started gagging every time I saw it - blah blah blah . . .another damn candelabra, another ornate frame, and you guessed it another stupid damask wallpaper background. Therefore, I admittedly was not in a rush today to visit their blog when I got an email about it. But then I opened the email and saw this:

I was, of course, then obligated by more love of all things avian, to play along for a bit and I sure am glad I did. The post that coordinates with that loveliness is a group of pictures from this fabulous photographer James Merrell.

What I noticed after first visiting several pages of the Brocade blog is that they truly are amazing editors!!! They narrowed down the amazing Mr. Merrell's selection of photographs on his portfolio and only showed you the ones that coincide with their specific aesthetic. I think they are brilliant in the way that the whole sort of blog does that. I honestly used to think: "now how are they going to continue to keep this label going, I mean there surely can't be but so many items that correspond to this look that they can add in the future, eventually they'll have to throw in the towel". I love being proved wrong, don't you? Oh I was soooo wrong on this one! Bravo Brocade!

Here are some more James Merrell photographs that Brocade did not post:
They also included a set of the Vogue photos to promote the Sex and the City movie. I heart this one:
Brocade also brought up the photography of Eugenio Recuenco which I think is extraordinary as well.
OOOO and then they had to go and feature this stunning stamped concrete floor. I'm drooling.
Next came flower chairs by Tokujin Yoshioka: Aren't they to die for???
Alright, you guessed it - the Brocade blog wouldn't be complete without freaking damask wallpaper, that's ok, since I love anything damask I'll let them slide just this one time. These are Marcel Wanders for Graham and Brown:
Now I've been looking for some fabulous things on their actual "for sale" website to show you so take a peek at their sale section, its none too shabby, I must admit:

peony curved back chair $249
tufted bucket chair $499
curved leg table $129
circle and diamond ledges $19-29
Parisian blue duvet $199-239
perfume bottle rug $299
large tufted cube $199
upholstered outdoor ottoman $189
So go shop Brocade while I prepare for my lunch and learn presentation with Ideas tomorrow!!!


patrick said...

very much Sex and the City styling...

karey m. said...

drooling over absolutely all of these...i love your collections!