Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So on most days, I really enjoy my job - I get to travel over half of the beautiful state of North Carolina, I get to meet amazing people and make loads of builder, designer and architectural contacts, I consistently know what is going on in this area of the country before anyone else does and I get to have all of the insights into design projects without having the headache of dealing directly with clients, but some days I just seriously wonder how it is that people make it in this field when they're so damn RUDE!

I just don't get all the toffee-nosed pretentiousness that comes with being a designer or architect. I feel like screaming: I UNDERSTAND! I GET IT! I totally sympathize with their plight: thinking their job is the most important on earth and being under appreciated for it daily seriously sucks, however, do not PLEASE do not think that by being an annoying ass you're going to make the world appreciate our efforts more. Seriously people, get a new personality. Grow some kahunas and decide to set a path for nice - I hear its lovely there this time of the year (and no I don't mean the town in Southern France).

Plus, its raining outside. I know we need it but I absolutely abhor driving in the rain, that and mean people are the things I dislike about my job.

Ok, so instead of reading my desperately horrid post today, I recommend that you visit some of my new blog loves-links below corresponding with their fabulous blogs that I sincerely believe you'll relish!

image: Courtesy of Domino - garden room by Miles Redd (I LOVE HIM) and found on Garden Rooms

This is what I need - a cup of coffee sitting in this garden in beautiful weather, not sitting in my damp apartment in the midst of a hailstorm.

image: Courtesy of Marie Antoinette and the Last Garden at Versailles and found on Style Court

I changed my mind this is actually what I need - a long walk in a large and breathtaking garden like this one at Versailles.

image: lovely bedroom courtesy of Style and Grace

Lastly but certainly not least - my final answer is to just go to bed and call it a day - tomorrow will be here faster than I know it. I'm off to Wilmington bright and early for work so hopefully I'll have some beautiful images upon my return to the computer Wednesday evening.

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It is a calming image!