Sunday, May 18, 2008

(image: Tracy Porter)
image: pigs with wings planter feet on the old garden pail

image: coley on her wedding day

i heart

image: cotton behind the house
image: my mom, me, blaya's mom and beautiful blaya at kaitlan's wedding

image: buster brown
image: kate and elijah owen

Inspired by a few other bloggers (and the beautiful day outside and inside my city apartment) I thought I'd write a list of things that make me happy. Alot of these items are links to fun sites so check them out when you get a chance.
image: lizzie
image: a dream sparkling in the background

image: the best purchase EVER

sketchbooks, coley, death cab for cutie, audrey hepburn, zebra prints, my apartement, trunk-up elephants, willow-ware, alexandra stoddard, daffodils, pink champagne, pop art, leah, Italy, damask, aluminum garden pails, fascinating men, kate, museums, pretty studs, jane austen, the city, topiaries, the song "dixie", shagging, mercury glass, castle howard, cary grant, primroses, bellinis, sophie, top chef Ilan, my nude stilettos with pearl and rhinstone buckle, an affair to remember, ghery jewelery, the satorialist, white walls, repousse flatware, shells, peonies, birds, religious candles, England, buster brown, white sofas, the black crowes, my momma, the whole hicks family, billie holliday, antique/vintage linens, lizzie, the way the eiffel tower sparkles, anais nin, the american flag, carrera marble, black and white checkerboard floors, the country, old houses, painted furniture, polka dots, tracy porter, gone with the wind, buttons, coffee, orchids, ruffles, hazelnut creamers, odd numbers, Gwen Stefani, anthropologie, the beatles, blaya, albrecht durer, libraries, anthony bourdain, chatsworth, kelley, big rings, lavender, adirondack chairs, Nice, bangle bracelets, tassels, maya angelou, succulents, domino, ribbons, bill bryson, white turquoise, stewart, the fred and ginger building, project runway, and netflix

image: gorgeous ginger by the satorialist

image: York, England-Clifford's Tower, google images

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Kathy said...

holy I am reading our blog and I start clicking on your long list of "happy"....being a huge lover (and seller) or mercury glass I found myself curious....what a wonderful, wonderful surprise!!! Serendipity indeedy. Thank you for the late-night smile and joy. Kathy