Saturday, October 06, 2007

The week in review:

Ok so to start it all off it was the first week back from our semi-annual sale so the hustle and bustle has died and unfortunately, so have the walk-in customers. I'm still ever so busy of course; holding the hand of my commercial painter, trying to not mame my internet support staff whilst designing the new webpage (visit, please, but keep in mind that I can't change the horrid opening photos, the pics. of our main office in "middle of nowhere" Greene County NC, or any of the sidebars or headings AND on top of that the links aren't working at the moment and I have no clue why), attempting to conjure up ideas to attract new builder clientele, and managing my few but fabulous clients. Enough about the crazy hectic bad things, lets talk about the good -

If you don't know this fabulous designer, you should get to know her and soon. Most everything she does is very "done" in an over the top kind of way, which regardless of whether or it is personally appealing you must agree it is altogether STUNNING!!!!!

Love this tea set, don't you? Vivre Collection I have issues when it comes to the mildly creepy mounted animals on walls thing - It must have something to do with growing up in the South where the first day of hunting season meant no boys were in school, combined with that summer in college where I house-sat for the big game hunter and then my studying English Country houses probably didn't help this odd fetish I have, especially for the European mounts like these. Thanks Tracy!
Oh if only I weren't broke:

Well I love House and Garden and I also love actually seeing people that I've met featured as designers - so for those of you who know me and aren't random blog stalkers as Decorno likes to put it - Timothy Haynes is my best friend Kate's uncle by marriage. While this particular home is not my personal taste, I think you'll enjoy it thoroughly so have at it!

yeah yeah yeah I didn't go to the furniture market this past week - I know I know I'm insane, but to be honest I just didn't feel up to it even if my boss had really pushed (which he didn't because he knows I'll get all excited and buy stuff we don't need). Its just soooooo exhausting! And if it were a buying trip strictly in coordination with my own tastes, i.e. for my own store or merely for clients that need those finishing pieces then I would go and have a ball, but other than that it just gets old after awhile. One day I tell myself one day!!!!!!!

Here are a few of the past suprises from my Norwalk friends that always do a lovely job in their Main Street showroom and next week I'll post a sneak peak at what's coming up!
I love ANYTHING tufted - the Meriwether sofa is above and the Hardwick chair below:
Candice Olsen sort of hit one out of the park on this little guy - the Beckett:
Ok, so for a split second indulge my English chintz obsession:
If I don't write tomorrow, have a fabulous weekend!

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